Tibet : Protests in Kardze

Chinese authorities have expelled over 30 young monks from Draggo monastery and have ordered that no monks below the age of 14 be allowed to remain and a monastery school that once housed 140 students and was earlier ordered closed was re-opened on April 25 with only 40 students attending.The authorities also launched a re-education campaign in the area, but Tibetans clearly demonstrated their resentment by smashing police vehicles. On suspicion of involvement, Sonam Rinchen, the son of Loden Sherab, and Troma were detained.

Also in Kardze, a monk attached to the Dza Samdrub monastery remains missing after he was detained by police on March 7.

Khedrub Dorje, 38 and the son of Rigdzin Dorje and Jampa Khandro of Hena town in the Dzakhok district, had staged a solitary protest in front of a hotel in the marketplace of Kardze town.Witnesses saw him shouting slogans calling for freedom for Tibet and for the return of the Dalai Lama.Chinese police arriving on the scene assaulted him and took him to an unknown location.

Now it is nearly two months after he was detained, and his family still doesn’t know his whereabouts.