Renouncing the Chinese Communist Party at Snow Mountain

We don’t want to die humiliated, but to live with dignity. Watching the video of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) soldiers shooting at us Tibetans, I have seen all of the CCP’s phoniness, evil, and violence. We Tibetans love peace. We are not animals. Our brothers and sisters die because of torture and injection of unknown drugs. A retired soldier from Henan Province admitted two years ago he slaughtered a Tibetan village.
We refuse to give up our religious belief in exchange for material comfort. To pursue freedom of belief, we risked our lives to climb over the Snow Mountain and escape Tibet. There are no human rights under the CCP’s rule and it is likely Tibetans who escape through via Snow Mountain will be shot and arrested like animals.
We Tibetans have two thousand years of written history. In the history, we have never been so humiliated, so miserable, so sad and without human rights as we are today under the CCP’s rule. We have the right to choose our path and our future. We do not want to be part of the CCP’s filthy bloody political struggles. We will not allow the CCP’s culture to stain our pureness and benevolence. We will not let the CCP military slaughter us.
Today we stand before Snow Mountain with dignity and declare: We quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations including the Young Pioneers and the Youth League. We want to live with dignity, freedom, and purity! Perhaps the CCP will find new excuses to slaughter and arrest us. The bloody slaughter will make us more clearheaded, more rational and united and more people will support us because of it.
Now we own independent temples, schools, websites, and journals. Soon in the future we will have our own radio, TV and satellite stations. What the CCP fears most is its lies being exposed for its reign of terror and losing the trust of the citizenry. Our personal statement has nothing to do with politics or other people.

By Suonan and Xuelian Dec 30, 2008