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Tibet : Tibetan anger over a government program to resettle Chinese into the Chamdo area

Tibetans in Dzagyu Karma are angry at a government program to resettle Han Chinese in their area and have warned of violence if it is not stopped.The anti-Chinese paraphernalia highlight Tibetan anger over the arrival of Han Chinese into the area for employment.Leaflets were thrown in the area and writings were seen on the building walls and other street walls calling for independence of Tibet and freedom for Tibetans.The Chinese government recently launched construction projects in rural areas, known as as "Centers for Communist Party Projects,” aimed at resettling more Chinese in the country

Two Tibetans monks detained by Chinese authorities

On Oct. 14, Geshe Tsultrim Gyatso of Amdo Ditsa Monastery was detained in the Tsolho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province.Gyatso, 40, had been the chief administrator of Ditsa Monastery for a decade and also served for many years as a teacher in various Tibetan schools in the area.Separately, a 36-year-old monk named Lodroe from Ngaba’s Kirti monastery was detained.His current whereabouts are unknown.Ngaba has recently been rocked by a wave of self-immolation protests against rule by Beijing.Chinese security officials are now on “24-hour watch” in Ngaba township.

Tibet : Tibetan Writer Sentenced

Chinese authorities have sentenced a Tibetan schoolteacher and writer to a three-year jail term on unknown charges.Jolep Dawa, 39, was handed his sentence by a court in Barkham county in Ngaba prefecture.Dawa—editor of the Tibetan-language magazine Durab Kyi Nga (I, of this Century) and an organizer of Tibetan cultural conferences—was detained in the provincial capital Chengdu on Oct. 1 last year and had been held since that time.Several years ago, Dawa was detained for one month because of his involvement in a mass campaign to end the use of animal fur on Tibetan clothing.

Tibet : Government Building Bombed

A bomb has exploded at a government building in a town in Tibet's Chamdo prefecture and Chinese security forces have sealed off the area.The blast in Karma town came amid rising protests, including 10 self-immolations this year, against Chinese rule in Tibetan-populated areas.One source said words reading “Tibet’s independence” were written in red on the destroyed walls of the office building and "Free Tibet" fliers were strewn within the compound.The entire road access leading to and from Chamdo had been completely cut off including closure of Karma monastery.All the monks in Karma monastery,

Tibet : China arrests a young prominent writer

A prominent young Tibetan writer and political analyst Meche was arrested from his home by authorities on unspecified ground last week, according to a trusted source inside Tibet.Choepa Lugyal aka Meche was arrested from his hometown of Yatsi County in what is today known as Qinghai Province on October 19 when he was home with his wife.The source, who requested anonymity, said authorities didn’t cite any reasons for the sudden arrest and took away his personal computer and a banned copy of the Tibetan literary book “Shar-dungri” from his home that was thoroughly searched and ransacked.

A Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates in Eastern Tibet

Reports coming from Tibet say a monk of Karze monastery in Karze in eastern Tibet has set himself on fire this morning.Dawa Tsering, a young Tibetan monk, self-immolated at 9:30 am during a ritual dance event in Karze. He was taken to a hospital, but his condition and whereabouts remain unknown.The full details of this latest act of self-immolation are not yet available.

Tibet : Tibetan arrested in Lhasa for prayer service

A Tibetan man related to the late Kalon Tripa of the Tibetan government-in-exile Juchen Thupten as the latter’s nephew was arrested last week after authorities accused him of paying homage to his uncle along with a few other relatives.“Topden was arrested in Lhasa on October 23 just as he and a few others started a prayer service in honor of the late Kalon Tripa on the 49th day of his demise,” Monlam Tharchin, a member of Tibetan Parliament, said citing sources in Tibet.Juchen, known for his long service to the exile Tibetan community including being Kalon Tripa for two consecutive terms, had

Tibet : Dhitsa Monastery Geshe Arrested

On 14 October 2011, Geshe Tsultrim Gyatso of Dhitsa monastery in Gonghuo County, Tsolo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (TAP), Qinghai Province was arrested by Qinghai National Security police, according to sources.Geshe Tsulrim Gyatso was invited to speak at the Tongchey National School in Trika County, Qinghai Province.The National Security police of Qinghai arrested Geshe Gyatso while he was giving talk at the school.None of his family members or anyone else was informed of his arrest by the police.Geshe Gyatso, around 40 years old, is from Gonghuo County, Changshey Township, Tsolo TAP, Qingha

Southern Mongolia : Another Mongolian Herder Killed by Chinese as he tried to protect his grazing lands

On October 20, 2011, another Mongolian herder, Mr. Zorigt, was killed by a Chinese oil transport truck as he tried to protect his grazing lands in Huhtolgoi Gachaa of Uushin Banner, Ordos Municipality of Southern Mongolia.Five months earlier, large-scale demonstrations across Southern Mongolia were sparked by the death of Mr. Mergen, a herder from Shiliin-gol League, who was killed under similar circumstances when defending his grazing lands from Chinese coal haulers. Zorigt was pronounced dead at 11:22 AM on the same day after an emergency treatment at a local hospital.

Tibet : CPC Central Committee opens college to train anti-splittist monks

With an obvious aim to bring out China-patriotic Tibetan Buddhist monks, in order to fight alleged splittist forces, a new monastic centre was opened Oct 20 at Nyethang Township of Chushur County, Lhasa City. China’s official Xinhua news agency Oct 20 said the Tibet Autonomous Region’s only regional-level Buddhist theological academy, which it called The Tibet Buddhist Theological Institute, will have an initial strength of 150 students.It said the students included “Living Buddhas” and monks from various Tibetan Buddhist sects.

Tibet : Troops Pour Into Lhasa

Chinese security forces in large numbers have moved into Tibet’s regional capital Lhasa in an apparent bid to discourage local protests against rule by Beijing, according to sources in Tibet.Thousands of troops appeared in Lhasa city on the evening of Oct.18 and by the next day, Lhasa was filled with security forces.Some think the self-immolation protests in Amdo Ngaba could be the reason for this increase in security.The troops are now stationed at major intersections, on main streets, around the Jokhang temple, and at the Potala Palace—the former residence of Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader

Tibet : Arrests continue in Ngaba

Two more monks have been arrested in Ngaba as Chinese Foreign Ministry told reporters that local authorities will take “tough measures” to ensure “stability” in the region.The exile base of the Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, in a release yesterday, confirmed the arrest of two more monks from the monastery saying that the reason for the arrests was “unclear”.“On the night of October 17, Kirti monk Puntsok, age 28 was arrested from his room in the monastery by policemen who beat him as they took him away, while on October 15, Kirti monk Jigme Choepel of Soruma village, Choeje township, was arre

Tibet : Tibetans protest despite military siege

Despite the disturbing revelations of continued military siege and armed patrolling in Ngaba, eastern Tibet by foreign reporters, Tibetans in the distraught region braved threats to their life and security and observed solidarity activities.According to the exile base of Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, Tibetans in the Ngaba district assembled in the town to show their solidarity.“A large number of people, wearing Tibetan traditional dresses, gathered in the streets of Ngaba county town, reciting prayers and observing fast in a demonstration of solidarity today,” Kirti Monastery said in a relea

Tibet : Ngaba under siege

Police, many carrying riot shields and armed with clubs and iron, lined the streets of the town, which has a population of around 20,000 Tibetans.Large groups of soldiers in camouflage carried automatic rifles, metal rods with spiked tips and fire extinguishers, while police buses, trucks and armoured personnel carriers blocked the streets. Reporters were detained by police, who confiscated one camera and deleted photographs of police and the military presence.

Tibet : 8 tibetans self-immolate,many more ready to die

Tibetans are sharing news of the self-immolations in online chat rooms and through word-of-mouth, images are being exchanged via text messages;Tibetans are determined that these acts do not go unnoticed and are willing to risk the penalties for sharing information to guarantee the news gets out.Rumours are circulating that dozens of monks are now ready to sacrifice their lives.Separate reports tell of pamphlets distributed and posted around the local Kirti Monastery and the market place in Ngaba town which state that if Chinese policies at the monastery and in the town continue, “many more peo

Tibet : Tibetan nun self immolates in Ngaba

Around 20 year old nun Tenzin Wangmo of Mamae Dechen Choekhorling Nunnery in Ngaba self-immolated to protest against China little after 1 pm today Tibet time.She is reported to have walked 7 or 8 minutes raising slogans and died thereafter.Her body was taken back to the nunnery and protected by other nuns from Chinese police. The Chinese police has ordered her body be handed over or buried underground tonight.The area in and around the nunnery is under siege by Chinese military and police personnel.

Tibet : Chinese police open fire on protesters

Chinese police fired gun-shots at seven Tibetans who protested in front of a police station in Kham Serta yesterday (16th).The protesters shouted slogans of We want Freedom in Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama should return to Tibet etc.Some protestors are reportedly injured in the firing.The protestors who were all arrested later belong to Tsechul Depa area of Serta.The communication networks were blocked and more troops deployed in the Serta area.


In mid-December last year, Mohamed Bouazizi, a humble Tunisian street-vendor of fruits and vegetables, set himself on fire to protest the confiscation of his produce and the daily harassment and humiliation inflicted on him by police and local officials.His act set of demonstrations and riots throughout Tunisia which intensified following Bouazizi’s death on January 4, leading the authoritarian regime and its leader to flee the country after 23 years of repressive and corrupt rule.This and the events that followed, called the “Jasmine Revolution” or the “Arab Spring”, resulted in a peaceful re

Tibet : Another Tibetan self immolates in Ngaba

Another self-immolation by a Tibetan male in the distraught Ngaba region of eastern Tibet.The incident happened at around 11.50 am local time today.As of now there are no further details available about the individual.The tibetan might have suffered severe burn injuries to his torso.Eyewitnesses say that Chinese security personnel arrived at the scene and doused the flames.He was seen being taken away to an undisclosed location.

Tibet : Protest leaflets and banned national flag appeared in Khakor

Tibetan protest leaflets and a banned national flag appeared on Thursday following larger protests in the area at the beginning of the month.The protest came as Tibetans prepared for a day of fasting and prayers next week in a display of solidarity following a wave of self-immolations by Tibetan monks in protest against Chinese rule .On Thursday morning, leaflets were displayed in the streets of the Khakor subdistrict of Serthar county of Kardze prefecture.A Tibetan flag was also hoisted at the local police station.A huge contingent of police had been sent to the town in response and authoriti

Report says China's human rights situation worsened

Human rights in the world’s most populous nation have worsened in 2011 amid a “troubling trend” in which officials themselves brush off the law when it suits them to silence dissent, a U.S. congressionally-mandated panel on China said in an annual report released Wednesday.China’s human rights and rule of law record “has not improved“ and “appears to be worsening in some areas," said the Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC), which monitors human rights and the development of rule of law in the country.

Tibet : China arrests young Tibetan singer

China last month arrested a young Tibetan singer nicknamed ‘Junior Kunga’ amidst growing popularity of his songs among Tibetan listeners.Choegon, a 19 year old Tibetan from Jomdha County in eastern Tibet’s Kham Province, was arrested on September 25 this year by Chinese Public Security Bureau officials.Choegon enjoys wide popularity among Tibetan fans who even liken him to that of Kunga, a famed Tibetan singer, and calls him a “Junior Kunga,”.Since Choegon is being admired for his singing talent, he came to be viewed with suspicions by Chinese authorities even at such a young age,”.

Tibet : 19-year old former monk passes away

Choephel, the 19-year old former monk of Kirti Monastery in Ngaba, eastern Tibet, succumbed to his injuries in a Chinese government hospital in Barkham area yesterday.Choephel along with Khaying had set themselves ablaze in the town of Ngaba, on October 7, protesting China’s repressive policies and continued occupation of Tibet.Khaying attained martyrdom in the same hospital a day before on October 10.With hands joined in prayers, both of them had called for Tibetans to unite and rise up against the Chinese regime and raised slogans for Tibet’s freedom.Chinese security personnel arrived at the

Tibet : Self-Immolated khaying expired in the hospital

According to reliable sources, we can now regretfully confirm the fact that Khaying (18 yrs) died in a hospital on 08 october 2011 around 1.00 pm Bejing time in the Barkham area after succumbing to severe injuries from his self immolation on 07 October 2011.His family members requested the authorities to hand over his dead body or ashes to the family.Khaying's other friend in protest, Choephel (19 yrs), is said to be in a very critical condition in the hospital and cannot utter a single word.

Tibet : Shops and restaurants shutter down after the death of a monk

A town which has become the focus of Tibetan self-immolation protests was at a near standstill as people mourned the death of one of two teenagers who set themselves alight in protest against Chinese rule.Residents of Ngaba shut down their shops and restaurants for three days from Saturday following the self-immolation on Friday of Khaying, 18, and Choephel, 19, both from Kirti monastery under siege by Chinese authorities.Khaying died on Saturday while Choephel is said to be in serious condition, the sources said, clarifying initial reports last week that that Choephel had succumbed to serious

The Xinhai Revolution: the Only Way to Establish China's Democratic System

A well-known democratic movement activist who lives in the USA thinks that the social conflict resulting from the uneven distribution of wealth has already caused many people's dissatisfaction and resentment against the current system in China.There are more and more people taking action as their resistance.The breeding ground that resulted the Xinhai Revolution 100 years ago also exists in China today, and the Xinhai Revolution serves as a very strong lesson to today.On October 6, 2011, the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition and other organizations held a forum called "The 1911 Chinese Xi

Tibet : Two Tibetans self immolate

Two more Tibetans set themselves on fire today in anti-China protest. One is feared dead while the other is being described in serious condition.This is the third incident in a week following the self immolation of Kesang Wangchuk on Monday, when Tibetans have been forced to commit the ultimate sacrifice of setting their bodies on fire as a last resort of peaceful action against the Chinese government’s repressive policies in Tibet. Last week, two monks, Lobsang Kalsang and Lobsang Konchok had set themselves ablaze.

Delhi University Tibetan Student's Hunger Strike

Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Delhi, has launched a hunger strike campaign which will be observed by Delhi University Tibetan Students for seven days as an expression of our solidarity and condolence to families of martyred monks.Tibetan monks in Tibet unveils the brutal reality of Tibet to the world and it is a clear sign that situation in Tibet is getting worse and tense day by day and it is certain pushing religious minded Tibetan Buddhists to take such actions.Tibetans all over the world are disturbed and deeply saddened by the occurrence of the recent events in Tibet and hence Tibetans

Tibet : Tibetan Monk Detained Again

Chinese authorities in Gansu province have detained a Tibetan monk for the fifth time in as many years—and again without filing formal charges against him, according to his brother.Jigme Gyatso, a monk at Labrang monastery in the Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was picked up on Aug. 20 and is being held in the Kanlho Public Security Bureau detention center, the man’s brother, named Sonam, told RFA.“After he had been missing for several weeks, the Kanlho Public Security Bureau confirmed that they are holding him,” Sonam said.

Tibet : Other Kirti monks have died in unpublicized suicides

The weekend protest and the self-immolation Monday heightened tensions which looked set to continue in Tibetan regions of China as the ruling Chinese Communist Party marked its 62nd anniversary in power.The protests came amid a continuing siege of the Kirti Monastery by Chinese authorities launched after monk Phuntsog's self-immolation death.A Kirti monk described the "suffocating restrictions" under which he and other monks at Kirti are forced to live."We cannot communicate with others, and have to get permission from the police to enter and leave the monastery," he said.In addition to the se