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Tibet : China seals off monastery

Police have cut Internet services and blocked roads near Kirti monastery where two monks set themselves alight.Authorities also ordered groups of more than six people together to break up in apparent attempts to prevent protests, and mobile phones could not send or receive text messages.The roads to Aba county have been sealed, police officers are everywhere on the streets.No tourists had been allowed to enter the county since Monday afternoon.One of the two monks who set themselves ablaze was believed to be the brother of Phuntsog, a 20-year-old Kirti monk whose self-immolation in March led t

Tibet : Two more monks of Kirti Monastery set themselves on fire

News just came from sources to Tibet that this morning around 10:30 (Tibet local time) two more monks of Kirti Monastery, Ngaba County set themselves on fire.Monk Lobsang Kelsang and Lobsang Kunchok staged a peaceful protest raising slogans like 'Long Live the Dalai Lama' and 'We want Religious Freedom in Tibet' in the Ngaba County market.They then set themselves aflame.The two monks were immediately taken by the People's Armed Police (PAP) and Public Security Bureau police (PSB) after PAP and PSB tried to set off the flame on the two.

China : Protests Intensify After Clashes

Hundreds of local residents continued to protest a government land grab on Friday, following several days of unrest in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.Armed police and riot police remain on patrol in Guangdong's Lufeng city, as protests entered their third day amid rage over the takeover of the residents' farmland and inadequate compensation paid by the authorities.The land has been lying idle for years, and recent reports—subsequently denied by the authorities—have said that it was sold to a developer.

Tibet : Chinese mining officials open fire on Tibetan workers

Four Tibetan workers have been injured after Chinese mining officials opened fire on them over a wage payment clash on Saturday in Tibetan area of Chatreng in Kardze.Mining in Chatreng began four years back, the Tibetan said. "Tibetan workers and their Chinese bosses initially had an argument over a wage payment issue," he said. "Later on, the Chinese officials called the police who opened fire on the Tibetan workers."
Sources said that local Tibetans tried to contact Chinese media to highlight the issue but no one turned up.

Tibet : 3 Monks Sentenced to 'Re-education Through Labor'

Around 10 September 2011, three Kirti monks were sentenced to 2- 3 years' re-education through labor by the Ngaba Prefecture Public Security Bureau (PSB).The three monks'.Lobsang Dhargye, Tsekho and Dorjee were all arrested around 12 April 2011 on suspicion related to the 16 March 2011 self immolation of monk Phuntsog.According to our sources, Dorjee, a 16 years old from Lhoengtsang Village, Ngaba County, has been sentenced to three years re-education through labor.Tsekho is 30 years old, born in Tru-tse Township, Ngaba County and 22 years old Lobsang Dhargye is from Myeruma, Ngaba County.

Over 90% of China’s 1,000 richest are ruling clique officials, members

More than 90% of the 1,000 richest people in the Forbes China 400 Rich list are either officials or members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a troubling sign in a country where the ruling clique claims to serve the people selflessly and with a spirit of service.A closer look at how wealth is actually created and distributed in China completely dispels the notion that its authoritarian model is beneficial for the majority of Chinese people, said a Sep 14 commentary by Dr John Lee, adjunct associate professor at the Centre for International Security Studies, Sydney University, an

East Turkestan : Four Uyghurs Sentenced to Death

China has sentenced four Uyghurs to death in connection with a series of July attacks in the northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region,state media reported Thursday, drawing condemnation from overseas groups.Abdugheni Yusup, Ablikim Hasan, Muhtar Hasan, and Memetniyaz Tursun were handed the death sentence while two other men—Abdulla Eli and Pulat Memet—were sentenced to 19 years in prison and a five-year suspension of their political rights for their part in the attacks, according to, a state-run website.The mainly Muslim Uyghur minority has long chafed against Chinese rul

Tibet : Monk Dies After Serving 10 Years in Prison

A former Tibetan political prisoner from Sogdzong county, Ven.Yeshe Tenzin who served a 10-year jail term, died recently due to a serious illness as a result of severe torture during his imprisonment.Some people say, they doubt he was poisoned in Chinese prison before his release."Yeshe Tenzin, a Buddhist monk from Sog Tsandhan Monastery in Sogdzong county, eastern Tibet was sentenced to 10-years in prison for his involvement of distributing pamphlets relating Tibet issues such as calling for ' Freedom in Tibet ' with few other friends in 2001.He was released in December 2010 after serving a 1

Tibet : China Still Detaining Tibetan, Even Jail Term Ends

A 34 year old Tibetan man Ngodup Thinley is still being held in a Chinese detention center even after his prison term got over this year, said a latest report."According to information received today, 34 year old Tibetan political prisoner Ngodup Thinley is still being detained in prison even after her prison term got over this year by Chinese security forces," said report published by Tibet Net, the official media of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)."Ngodup Thinley was severely beaten and arrested by Chinese security forces for carrying out a peaceful protest in Kardze Dzong in the ye

East Turkestan : Raids on Uyghurs

Exile Uyghurs have accused the Chinese government of targeting Uyghurs in a series of raids and police campaigns, while at the same time denying them the benefits of the region's vast natural resources and rapid economic development.Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress, said Uyghurs had nonetheless continued to hand out anti-Beijing literature in recent days, defying the extra controls.Raxit said Kashgar and Hotan, scene of the attacks, had seen an increase in such leaflets, while the government had canceled leave for ruling Communist Party cadres stationed in the

Tibet : Samphel of Kandze Sentenced To Three Years Term

On around 20 August 2011, Samphel (Samphel Dhondup) of Kandze County was sentenced to three years imprisonment by a Kandze court, according to information received by TCHRD. He has been taken to a prison in a place called Loyen in Sichuan Province.On 10 July, Samphel along with Lobsang Phuntsok and Lobsang Lhundup were arrested at around 4 o'clock in the evening (Tibet local time) after they raised slogans and distributed pamphlets saying 'Freedom for Tibet', 'Long Live H.H the Dalai Lama', 'Return of the Dalai Lama' and ' May the Dalai Lama and all Tibetans unite soon'.

India : Tibetan monks start hunger strike march

A group of 11 Tibetan monks from Gaden Jangtse monastery, Mungod, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka are starting a pan Indian hunger strike march across the major cities in the country to express solidarity with the freedom struggle being carried out by Tibetans inside Tibet.Lobsang Jampa, a monk participating in the hunger strike march told that the group will carry out the strike march through Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Howrah, Delhi and Dharamshala starting from Pune early in the morning today.“Recent acts of immolation clearly show how China's oppression in Tibet has forced Tibeta