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Tibet : Tibetan monk is dangerously ill following his release from jail

A Tibetan monk detained by Chinese authorities for a three-year period was tortured in jail and is in poor health.Jamyang Tenzin was detained in October 2007 for resisting a political re-education campaign at his monastery in Kardze.He was originally scheduled for release in August but was released only on Oct. 8,after refusing to “sign documents” or to accept Chinese conditions for his release.The Tibetan public planned to host a grand reception for him, but the Chinese authorities forbade any kind of gathering and threatened to send Jamyang Tenzin back to prison if any reception were held.

Internal Communist Party Documents Disclose New Campaign to Forcibly "Transform" Millions of Falun Gong Practitioners in China

A series of internal Communist Party documents, some of them posted online, reveal the details of a new three-year, multi-billion dollar campaign targeting Falun Gong practitioners across China.The campaign’s stated goal is to “transform” 75 percent of all known practitioners, who number in the tens of millions despite eleven years of brutal suppression. Specifically, the campaign calls upon security forces to go into “villages and households” to “educate and conquer” Falun Gong practitioners.

Tibet : Protest over language spreads to Gansu

Protests by Tibetan students in Qinghai Province have spread to the neighboring province of Gansu with thousands of Tibetan students in Gansu Province taking to the streets yesterday and today.According to the Voice of Tibet radio service, students of a Tibetan school in Tsayi in Sangchu County in Labrang “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture”, Gansu province voiced their support to the movement against introduction of Chinese language as medium of instruction in Tibetan schools in Qinghai province, the only province so far to introduce the new rule.

TYC protests the ASIAN Games in China

The largest pro-independence Tibetan youth organisation on Tuesday protested against China's hosting of the Asian Games next month, saying it lacks "moral right" to hold such an important international sporting event."Generally the spirit of any international games represents friendship, solidarity and promotion of peace and freedom. The Asian Games in particular is about helping weaker countries, helping them rehabilitate and develop an understanding of mutual friendship and cooperation," the Tibetan Youth Congress said in a press statement.

Tibet : 3 monks sentenced to varying prison terms

3 monks of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Dhingri in south western Tibet under Shigatse prefecture have been sentenced to varying prison terms.Tenzin Gephel and Ngawang, monks of Shelkar Choede monastery, have been sentenced to 12 years while another monk has been sentenced to 5 years. However, the dates of trial and verdict announcement are not known .The 3 were arrested along with 10 others on May 19, 2008 when Chinese work team officials arrived at the monastery to force patriotic reeducation upon the monks in the monastery.

Clampdown in Tibetan Schools

Authorities have tightened security around high school and college campuses in the wake of demonstrations in support of Tibetan language.Several hundred students and teachers from high schools in Chentsa county, in Qinghai's Malho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, took to the streets on Oct.24 in support of the continued use of Tibetan language in local schools.And in Rebkong (in Chinese, Tongren) county, security personnel prevented reporters from entering schools on Monday, as police and plainclothes security officials were on guard outside minority middle schools and high schools in the town.

Tibet : 20 students detained, protests continue

More protests against the Chinese government's education policy have been reported on Sunday as thousands of students took to the streets of Chentsa County to demand that the government revert its decision to replace Tibetan language as medium of instruction in Tibetan schools by Chinese language. Sources also said that 20 students were detained following protests on Saturday in Chabcha County. Teachers and school staff also joined the protest on Sunday that started around 7.30 in the morning yesterday. Students in Chentsa also protested on 19th and 21st October.

Press Freedom Index 2010 : Economic growth does not mean press freedom

The BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India and China – may all be at a roughly similar stage of economic development but the 2010 index highlights major differences in the press freedom situation in these countries. Thanks to favourable legislative changes, Brazil (58th) has risen 12 places in the past year, while India has fallen 17 places to 122nd. Russia, which had a particularly deadly preceding year, is still poorly placed at 140th. Despite an astonishingly vibrant and active blogosphere, China still censors and jails dissidents and continues to languish in 171st place.

Tibet : Tibetan students in Gepasumdo staged a march

Protests in Tibet spread Friday as Tibetan students in Gepasumdo (in Chinese, Tongde) county staged a march, a Tibetan man said.“It began around 5:00 a.m. when about 500 to 600 students marched toward the Tongde county center,” said the man.“They shouted ‘Equality for all nationalities!’ and ‘Freedom for all languages!’ and carried a large banner reading ‘The Tibetan language will not disappear!’”

Tibetan students' protests reach China

Protests over plans to elevate Chinese to the main language of instruction in Tibet spread Friday to Beijing,where students at a minority university staged a public demonstration.Between 200 and 300 students participated in the two-hour protest at midday,after which the president of the university and teachers called them into classrooms and asked them to write out their complaints in Chinese.Among Tibetans, the language of instruction in schools is a flashpoint for protest.

Security Tight in Tibetan Towns

Chinese authorities dispatched large numbers of security personnel to Tibetan areas following large-scale student protests over education policies this week.Local sources said thousands of Tibetan high school and college students took part in the demonstrations on Monday and Tuesday in Tsolho and Rebkong amid fears they will be forced to adopt a Chinese-language-only curriculum.A monk at the Longwu temple who took part in the demonstrations said there were dozens of army vehicles and personnel still on the streets Wednesday.

Tibet : Tibetan Writers Face Trial

Three Tibetan writers detained earlier this year by Chinese authorities may soon face trial on charges of subversion, according to sources familiar with their case.The three men—Jangtse Donkho, Buddha, and Kalsang Jinpa—were detained in June and July in the Ngaba [in Chinese, Aba] Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China’s southwestern Sichuan province, a Tibetan living in Ngaba said.“All three cases have already been handed over to the Aba Intermediate Court,” the source said. “Recently, their family members were informed that they could seek the help of lawyers.

Tibet : Student Protests Spread

Thousands of Tibetan students pressed ahead with protests for the second day running amid fears they will be forced to adopt a Chinese-language only school curriculum.About 8,000 students took part in the demonstrations on Oct.20 in Tsolho.The protests erupted a day earlier in Rebkong in the same province over the language concern as fears gripped Tibetans that their culture, language, and national identity in regions ruled by China will be further eroded.Monks had joined the march on the first day of the demonstrations as participants carried banners, written in both Tibetan and Chinese, read

Tibet : Students Protest Language Change

Thousands of Tibetan students have protested a forced change in the language of their instruction from Tibetan to Chinese, according to Tibetan sources.On Oct. 19, over 7,000 Tibetan students protested in Rebkong in the Malho prefecture.The students came from six different schools in the area : the First Nationalities Middle School of Rebkong Tongren, the Tongren County Yifu Nationalities Middle School, the Tongren District Residential School, the Tongren Modern Medicine College, the Malho National Teacher Training Institute, and the Malho Nationalities Middle School.

Tibet : School protest in Rebkong

More than one thousand Tibetan students are protesting in Rebkong (Amdo) for Ethnic equality and language preservation.

China : Tight Controls Hamper Appeal

HONG KONG—Tight police controls over the wife of jailed Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo are hampering a legal challenge to the dissident's 11-year prison sentence for subversion, his lawyer said on Monday.Liu Xiaobo's lawyer, Shang Baojun, said the tight controls imposed on Liu Xia following the announcement on Oct. 8 that her husband would receive the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize have prompted him to shelve the appeal for the time being."I am working on [the preparations for the appeal]," Shang said. "But I want to wait until things are somewhat easier for Liu Xia."

USA : Congressional-Executive Commission on China Releases 2010 Annual Report on Human Rights and the Rule of Law in China

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China has released its 2010 Annual Report on human rights and the rule of law in China, along with a list of over 1,450 political prisoners currently detained or imprisoned in China, compiled from the Commission's Political Prisoner Database. The Annual Report provides a comprehensive, public examination of human rights and the rule of law in China that is intended to inform Members of the Congress, Administration officials and the general public. The full text of this year's report is available on the Commission's Web site—

China : After Eight Years of Torture, Falun Gong Practitioner Dies under Mysterious Circumstances

Falun Gong practitioner Cai Fuchen (蔡福臣), a government employee from Jilin province, died in police custody in mid-September after spending eight of the last ten years as a prisoner of conscience.Mr. Cai last spoke with family members on September 5th, 2010, and reported that his condition was deteriorating. Prolonged torture and abuse had left Mr. Cai weak and emaciated, and he was under constant surveillance. Approximately ten days later, the family was told that Mr. Cai was dead.

East Turkestan : Uyghur Homes Destroyed

Uyghurs in Hanbing town, near Gulja city (in Chinese, Yining) in Ili prefecture said they were forcibly evicted after their properties were demolished in August and September.1,000 homes in the area had been demolished by authorities.Private Chinese companies from inner China are constructing apartment buildings on the land and are selling them.The developers are becoming rich because they resell at a profit the land that the previous residents are being forced to sell for cheap.If residents refuse to sell, the government will threaten them with detention or destroy their homes.

Tibet : Student leader of Machu school protests sentenced to 2 years prison

Another Tibetan student detained in March this year for leading a protest against the Chinese government on the second anniversary of the 2008 uprising has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.Tsering Dorjee was accused of leading protests by some 30 students from the Machu Tibetan Nationality Middle School in March this year. Over 500 Tibetans later joined the student protest on March 14 this year demanding Tibetan independence and shouting against the lack of freedom.

China : Workers' Deaths Lead to Riot

Workers gather outside salary talks at a construction site in Dujiangyan, Oct. 11, 2010.Two migrant construction workers died after being severely beaten by their employers over wage issues in southwest China’s Dujiangyan city in Sichuan province, sparking mass riots.Some 1,000 policemen were deployed to keep several thousand protesters at bay following the incident on Oct. 11 evening, eyewitnesses and reports said.

Tibet : Puruna Nun Reduced to a Pathetic Condition

One of the peaceful protesters from the Puruna Nunnery, Sonam Choedon, 36, from Lhoba Township, Kardze County, Kardze “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture” “TAP” Sichuan, has been reduced to pathetic state after being repeatedly tortured.According to information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD), she has now become unable to control herself because of being hit by the butt of a gun. Due to which she is released and taken to her family. Now she is mentally unstable and continues to cry and needs constant care.

China Detains Liu Supporters

HONG KONG—Chinese authorities have swooped down on supporters of jailed Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo across the country, as they tried to organize celebratory events in honor of the award announced in Oslo on Friday.Rights activists Xu Zhiyong, Wang Lihong, and Zhao Changqing, poet A'erji, and Wu Gan, an activist from Fujian currently living in Beijing, were all detained separately by police as they tried to meet in the Ditan area of the city for a meal in honor of Liu's award.

Communist China Tightens Control Over Monasteries in Tibet

The communist regime of China plans to tighten control over Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to reduce the influence of the His Holiness Dalai Lama and other 'internal and external separatist forces,' according to a government notice seen on Monday.The State Administration of Religious Affairs issued the 'Management measure for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and temples' to be applied from November 1, saying it was devised in response to a growing foreign influence and 'separatist activities.'


I have received some mild censure of late from friends and readers for my lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming kalon-tripa election.I did explain my position earlier in a number of my blogs that our present “partyless” political system was not a true democracy, and that only a party-based system (even with all its inherent drawbacks) could make it so.I also stated that the role of the kalon-tripa in the exile Tibetan government was not that of a prime-minister in a democratic nation as India or the UK, since the kalon-tripa does not have the power to initiate or formulate national policy.

Authorities detained dozens of Liu's supporters in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities

China's rights community savoured the Nobel Peace Prize given to jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo but warned the award could spell trouble after police rounded up activists celebrating the win.Authorities detained dozens of Liu's supporters in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities on Friday night as they gathered to toast his prestigious award, rights activists and a journalist from a Hong Kong newspaper told AFP."Last night some people were taken in by police.They don't want people gathering and celebrating over this," well-known human rights lawyer Teng Biao told AFP.

Congratulations to Mr. Liu Xiabo for winning the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) congratulates Mr. Liu Xiabo on being confered this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The Centre is deeply moved at the recognition given to him for he embodies the views and courage of the Chinese people. The nation of China deserves this award for the millions of people who strived for freedom, dignity and human rights.It is extremely encouraging to learn that the Nobel Committee defied the threat issued by the state of People's Republic of China against awarding this prestigious prize to Mr. Xiabo.

Tibet : Tibetan Dam Protesters Detained

Chinese authorities in Tibet have clamped down on protests against construction near a sacred mountain, holding protesters in jail and warning local Tibetans against further demonstrations, according to Tibetan sources.Beginning in September, Tibetans in Driru [in Chinese, Biru] county in the Nagchu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) have challenged Chinese work crews trying to build a dam at Naglha Dzamba mountain, a traditional site of worship and offerings.Protesters believe that the Chinese are there not just to build a dam, but to begin mining in the area, according to a repo

Tibet : Heavy sentences for Drepung Monks

The Lhasa Intermediate People’s Court has sentenced two Drepung monks to heavy sentences in June 2010 for their activities in March 2008 according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).The monks, Jampel Wangchuk and Kunchok Nyima, were sentenced to life imprisonment and 20 years prison term respectively.On 10 March 2008, around 350 monks from Drepung Monastery started a protest and went on towards Lhasa City. Police stopped them on their way and barricaded them, due to which the monks went on to observe hunger strike.

China : Photos Show Bloated Falun Gong Practitioner Before Death

A retired steel worker from Hebei province died on September 6, 2010, just over six months after being released from a prison camp where he had been tortured and forced to do hard labor for practicing Falun Gong, the Falun Dafa Information Center recently learned.Photos of Mr. Zhang Yunping (张云平) taken days before his death and smuggled out of China show the 58-year-old’s emaciated chest and bloated stomach.A significant majority of Falun Gong adherents report that the practice has brought relief from health problems.