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Huang Ciping Talks about Root Causes of the Economic Crisis

On April 24, 2010, Huang Ciping was invited as the guest on "The Secret Truth" radio program.In the two hour long program, she talked about the issues of Chinese democracy and human rights, with particular focus on its association to the ongoing economic crisis, especially the USA trade deficit with China and the Chinese government's manipulation of the Chinese currency RenMinBi.Starting with a discussion that the so-called "free trade" with China is neither free nor fair, she highlighted and explained how present economic problems are really directly associated with the suppression of Chinese

Dharamsala : TYC pays tribute to Tibetan martyrs

The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) paid tribute to Tibetan martyrs who have laid down their lives for the cause of the nation.A religious function including a incense burning offering was organized at the Lhagyal Ri.The chief guest former Kalon Tripa Sonam Topgyal lit a butter lamp in front of late Pawo Thupten Ngodup’s bust which was then followed by offering of khatas on the bust by Tibetans present there.Former leaders of TYC, Karma Choephel and Karma Yeshi, both members of the Tibetan parliament in exile, also attended the event.Tibetans have been commemorating April 29 as "Tibetan Martyrs'

Falun Gong Persecution and Activism in 2009

As China enters the second decade of the 21st century, to casual observers, its cities and towns are permeated with symbols of modernity from skyscrapers to 3G cell phones.And yet, as this report goes to print, tens of millions of ordinary citizens remain trapped in a decade-old nightmare more reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution than of what might be expected in a leading economic power. A significant body of evidence testifies to this reality.In compiling this report on Falun Gong in 2009, the Falun Dafa Information Center drew on a wide range of sources.

East Turkestan : Uyghur Teenager Gets Life

A court in China’s troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang has handed a life sentence to a Uyghur youth for alleged murder during July 2009 unrest, but rights groups and relatives say his trial was unfair and he may have been tortured.Chinese authorities in the Silk Road town of Aksu [in Chinese, Akesu] detained Noor-Ul-Islam Sherbaz on July 27 in the wake of rioting in Urumqi, when he was just 17.“I think under severe torture my son was forced to sign the confession,” Noor-Ul-Islam’s father Sherbaz Khan, who is a Pakistani national, said.He said his son was convicted after his image appeared

Nine Tibetan escapees held by Nepal’s border police

Police in Nepal’s border district of Sindhupalchowk have taken into custody on Apr 24 night nine Tibetans, including three women, after they had fled their occupied country, reported Himalaya Times online Apr 25.They were held at Barhabise town at 8:30 PM.The report cited police as saying the Tibetans would be handed over to the country’s Department of Immigration, which in turn may either deport or imprison them or otherwise hand them over to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.


When I saw photographs of the tough, determined looking monks digging through the ruins of Kyegu town, I was struck by a sense of helplessness and frustration.Probably, some of you readers felt that way too.I wanted to be out there with those monks, helping to find survivors in the rubble, or at least unearthing the bodies of those that had perished — cleaning them up, restoring some dignity to them, before taking them away to be cremated.

China arrests Tibetan writer

China has arrested a renowned Tibetan writer in Xining, the provincial capital of Qinghai province.Tagyal, who writes with pen name “Shogdung” worked for the Nationalities Publishing House in Xining.On April 23, police officers from Xining Police Station arrived at the Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House and took Tagyal to his house which was thoroughly searched.The same evening, several police officers came to his house again and took his two personal computers. His wife Lhatso has said that the police came again to their home to handover the arrest warrant.

Tibet : 21 Tibetan Teachers Fined for "Teaching Subversive Topics"

Chinese authorities have fined (20,000-60,000 Yuan) 21 teachers from the Tibetan Nationality Middle School in Machu County of eastern Tibet for teaching subversive topics to the students.In late March and early April 2010, students of the middle school, led by its seniors, staged a series of peaceful protests against the government, and in response the Chinese government fired the school's headmaster, Kyabchen Dedrol, and his assistants Do-Re and Choekyong Tseten. Later, the two were reportedly arrested by officials from the Public Security Bureau.

Tibet Independence Activists Could be Shot in Earthquake Zone

April 20 marked the seventh day since an earthquake hit Yushu killing thousands.The ground was covered with snow and according to Tibetan tradition, the seventh day after a death is an important time to remember the dead.In Gesar Plaza Tibetans held a ceremony where monks and lamas chanted sutras.On April 20, a soldier told The Epoch Times that if Chinese troops encounter a Tibetan independence activist in the quake area, he or she could be shot dead on the spot without approval from higher authorities.According to a Luosong monk in Jiegu town, close to 40,000 monks from Sichuan, Tibet, and ot

Tibet : Authorities told monks to go home

Several sources who asked not to be named also said businesses and individuals in Tibetan areas had been stopped from delivering supplies to the quake-stricken region.“Local authorities issued an order today calling on all monks to return to their respective monasteries, as now they are no longer needed,” one Tibetan man said, adding that monks had held a candlelight vigil April 19 that officials feared might take on political significance.“Residents here see this as a major setback to the relief effort if the monks have to leave,” he said.Some 10,000 monks had been working to pull bodies from

Tibet : Regime Stops Quake Rescue Teams

Civilian and international rescue teams have been denied access to regions hit by the earthquake in Qinghai. All roads to the quake-affected region in Yushu County from Qinghai’s capital of Xining were shut down on April 16.Despite the escalating tragedy, a team from Japan—a country with considerable expertise in earthquake rescue work was also denied access.

Eight Tibetans held while entering Nepal from Tibet

Nepal’s border police have on Apr 16 night arrested eight Tibetans, including six women, as they crossed into the country from Chinese occupied Tibet via Singate Bazaar transit point in Dolakha district, reported Himalayan Times online (Nepal) Apr 17.The report cited DSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh, in-charge of Dolakha police, as saying the Tibetans would be handed over to the country’s Department of Immigration (DoI).And it cited an official at DoI as saying they would either be deported to Tibet or imprisoned in the country or handed over to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Tibet : Quake Toll Rises

Tibetan monks continue to arrive, and aid is pouring in from monasteries, residents said.The damage is immense, with smaller towns on the outskirts of Jyekunda completely flattened and cracks now appearing on the Drichu river bridge.Residents said authorities had set up a roadblock on the bridge to control which aid workers can enter.A young man who rode a motorbike to reach Jyekundo to look for his relatives complained of inequity in aid distribution.“The aid distributions to quake victims were uneven. Some families spent the night outside without any tents in freezing temperatures.

Tibet : 10,000 dead as a result of the quake

The death toll of the earthquake continues to rise. Three aftershocks hit the same area last night, which resulted in the collapse of more buildings but not in any casualties. Unfortunately, another aftershock hit the area this morning, after which another 20 dead bodies were recovered near the Dichue River.About 80% of the houses were all collapsed.Nothing was left.

More than thirty Tibetan Primary Students detained, one expelled in Sertha County after protest

Sertha County in Kardze (Ch: Ganzi) “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” (‘TAP’) over the past couple of months witnessed at least eight cases of protests by individuals and group against the Chinese government and reports of Tibetans having been detained also emerged from the area. In the latest case, more than thirty students of Khar Primary School in Sertha County were detained by the Chinese security forces following minor stone throwing incident that took place after security forces paraded monks in various places around the county. The names of the monks cannot be confirmed at the moment.

Tibet earthquake death toll rises to 1000

Latest reports indicate that the death toll in the earthquake that hit Tibet earlier today has risen to 1000 and around 15000 people have been injured.Unconfirmed sources including Tibetan exiles belonging to the quake hit area who claimed to have spoken to people there say the death toll is much higher. One Tibetan who said he spoke to someone in his village puts the death toll around 3000. The quake measured 7.1 on Richter scale, according to China Earthquake Networks Center but the United States Geological Survey puts the magnitude at 6.9.

Zurich : First European Tibetan Youth Parliament urges greater democracy

A three-day First European Tibetan Youth Parliament ended on Apr 11 in the Swiss city of Zurich with a three-page resolution for consideration by the exile Tibetan parliament and government. The resolution called for "the introduction of an upper and lower house" to the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, with the election to the lower house being based on "political parties, population and residency". It called for the abolition of "dual voting right" for the clergy and the "removal of reserved seats" for the religious traditions of Tibet.

Tibet : China arrest 2 in Nyagrong and Machu, students protest in Sertha

Chinese authorities in Nyagrong County in the Tibetan province of Kham have arrested a Tibetan monk named Abo Tashi, a 22 year old Tibetan monk of Guru monastery, for taking part in a protest rally.
Abo Tashi was accompanied in the protest by Tsering Gyaltsen, 19; Tsering Wangchuk, 22; of Guru monastery and Rinzin Dorjee from Jamchok monastery. The four rode bikes carrying the banned Tibetan national flag and chanted slogan that demanded "independence for Tibet".

Tibet : 3 tibetans sentenced in Ngaba

A Chinese court in Ngaba County in the Tibetan province of Amdo has sentenced three Tibetans to varying prison terms on April 9.Ngaba County Intermediate People's Court has passed verdicts on Choedar, 34, and Gotsang Jamyang Phuntsok, 36, both monks of Ngaba Kirti monastery and Khomatsang Jigmey, 40 year old former monk of Ngaba Kirti monastery.Choedar of Joshertsang household from Jolep village in Ngaba County has been sentenced to 13 years in jail.

China : Henan Police Unlawfully Fine, Sentence Believers to Labor Camps

Yucheng County Public Security Bureau are arresting local “house church” Christians without legal documentation, releasing them only after a fine is paid. The illegal police activity with demands to pay fines raise questions regarding not just religious persecution, but also corruption and greed inside the Yucheng County Security Bureau.The scandal began on March 9 when the Yucheng County Public Security Bureau took local Christians to the police station. The following day, March 10, family members of the Christians went to the station to sort out the trouble.

Tibet : Tibetan Monk Detained in Machu

Authorities have detained a monk for allegedly accessing banned media content and maintaining contact with exiled Tibetans,after student protests there prompted several firings.Plainclothes prefecture authorities and security officials took Tashi Gyatso, 36, into custody April 8 at around 4 a.m., before dawn prayers in Sarma monastery in Machu town.

China arrests protesting teenage monks in Sertha County

Over the past one week, a series of peaceful protests were carried out particularly by teenage monks in Sertha County in the traditional Kham region of Tibet resulting in arrests and detention, according to information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

Southern Mongolia : Students Detained for Worshipping

Persecution of grassroots house church Christians in Southern Mongolia has intensified since last June. Eight college students from Neimenggu, Wuhai were captured and put into administrative detention when officials from the bureau of public safety crashed a worship service on February 1. The students crime: being part of a Christian ministry.

Tibet : Tibetan teacher arrested in Machu

Chinese authorities in Machu made a surprise arrest of a Tibetan language teacher of a Tibetan elementary school last month Topdhen, a Tibetan teacher at Machu Tibetan Nationality Primary School, was arrested on March 28 by Chinese officials from the so-called “Public Security Bureau".Information on his whereabouts and well-being, and the exact reasons for his arrest are unknown at the moment.Born in 1971, Topdhen was ordained as a monk and joined Nyul-ra Ngenthok Monastery after completing his primary schooling.

Tibet : Tibetan students stage second peaceful protest in Machu

Tibetan middle school students in Machu County , last week staged yet another peaceful protest against government controls.The students led by its senior students staged a peaceful protest around 3pm local time on April 3.The students were protesting against the firing of the school’s headmaster and two of his Tibetan assistants from their jobs by Chinese authorities last month.The school’s headmaster Kyabchen Dedrol, and his two assistants—Do Re and Choekyong Tseten—were fired by Chinese authorities following a pro-independence protest by students of the school towards the second week of Marc

Tibet : Students Aged 11 to 15 Arrested in Driru County

On 22nd of March, dozens of primary school students aged 11 to 15, staged a demonstration against Chinese rule in Eastern Tibet, resulting in the arrest of up to 20 students. The students from Centre Primary School in Tsala Township, Driru County, protested Chinese occupation of Tibet, shouting slogans such as "Free Tibet!", "Chinese out of Tibet!".Student protesters were quickly surrounded by armed Chinese police and security personnel, and up to twenty of the young protesters were arrested. Many of the children's parents were also taken for interrogation.

Tibet : 4 P.M. (ora locale) Maqu County

Oggi mi hanno riferito che nei giorni scorsi oltre mille studenti hanno inscenato una protesta contro l'occupazione cinese. Alcuni tibetani che risiedono nei pressi delle scuole riferiscono di aver udito diverse esplosioni nel campus.La polizia ha circondato il complesso scolastico e sequestrato tutti i telefonini per impedire le comunicazioni con l’esterno ed evitare che venissero diffuse immagini dell’accaduto.Otto insegnanti rischiano il licenziamento ed un numero imprecisato di studenti è stato fermato.
Tutta la contea ora è in stato di assedio,controlli di polizia ad ogni incrocio.

Tibetan writers arrested in Lanzhou

China has arrested two Tibetan students of Northwest National Minorities’ University in Lanzhou yesterday.Tashi Rabten and Druklo were arrested after around 16 officials from the local Public Security Bureau arrived in the university hostel and ransacked students’ rooms. The officials confiscated cellular phones, laptop computers and books from the students. Tashi was the editor of the banned literary magazine the Shar Dungri (Eastern Snow Mountain) on the 2008 protests in Tibet, and also edited a collection of work called “Written in Blood”.

Tibet : 3 arrested over school protest in Ngaba

Chinese authorities in Zoege County in Ngaba Prefecture have arrested 3 Tibetan teachers, according to a report on, a Tibetan language website. Sonam, Kirti Kyab and Tohlha, all teachers at a teacher training school, were arrested by the police in the school campus. The website further reports that the expression of solidarity and mourning for the victims of 2008 protests in the schools where they teach has led to their arrest.

Tibet : Police arrest 3 in Sertha for protesting against the Chinese government

Chinese police in Sertha County ( Kardze ‘TAP’ ) have arrested a 20 year old youth for protesting against the Chinese government Friday.
Ugyen Namgyal from Choktsang village of Sertha County carried the banned Tibetan national flag and raised slogans demanding “independence for Tibet,” religious freedom, and return of the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to Tibet. The Chinese police immediately arrived at the scene and beat him severely before arresting him, the source said.