La causa del Popolo Tibetano - Per un lavoro dignitoso ed un giusto salario Oggi tra i giovani tibetani che vivono nelle città il tasso di disoccupazione raggiunge ormai l’80%. - continua...
Libertà per il Tibet , democrazia per la Cina! - La storia, anche recente, della nostra vecchia Europa ci insegna che non è immolandosi sull’altare dell’ideologia della nonviolenza che si possono abbattere i regimi totalitari. - continua...
DECLARATION OF TURIN - Reflections about China The reality of China is really different from the picture of the country that the C.C.P. gives. The inequalities are increasing, corruption is spreading more and more - continua...


Tibet : 26 nuns expelled from nunnery in Driru

Chinese authorities in Driru County have expelled 26 nuns from the Jhada nunnery in Bhenkar village on Nov.15.Since September, Chinese work-team officials have been visiting the nunnery to conduct patriotic reeducation.Several nuns who are not listed in Chinese government documents as nuns of the nunnery had to flee into the mountains to evade expulsion.The nuns were forced to denounce the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama during patriotic reeducation campaign.The nuns, according to the source, refused to denounce the Dalai Lama after which the Chinese authorities checked the nunnery regist

Tibet : 2 monks sentenced up to 3 years in prison

The Barkham County People's Intermediate Court has sentenced two monks of Ngaba Kirti monastery up to three years in prison on charges of 'separatist activities' and 'plotting against the nation'.Lobsang Tenpa, a 19 year old monk of Ngaba Kirti monastery, draped around his head a hand-drawn Tibetan national flag and carried a large picture of the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama and walked along the main street of Ngaba leading towards the County administration shouting slogans against the Chinese government’s repressive policies in Tibet on April 26 this year.

Tibet : Tibetan nomads resist deportation

Chinese authorities have confiscated the residency permits and other personal documents of a group of Tibetan nomads who refused to move from their traditional grazing grounds to impoverished resettlement towns.
Requests that the documents be restored to their owners were later rebuffed by officials, who cited the nomads’ “disobedience” of government policy and demanded payment of a large fine for the documents’ return.The issue arose at the end of October when officials in Yulshul Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture insisted the nomads move to a resettlement town far from their homes.

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