La causa del Popolo Tibetano - Per un lavoro dignitoso ed un giusto salario Oggi tra i giovani tibetani che vivono nelle città il tasso di disoccupazione raggiunge ormai l’80%. - continua...
Libertà per il Tibet , democrazia per la Cina! - La storia, anche recente, della nostra vecchia Europa ci insegna che non è immolandosi sull’altare dell’ideologia della nonviolenza che si possono abbattere i regimi totalitari. - continua...
DECLARATION OF TURIN - Reflections about China The reality of China is really different from the picture of the country that the C.C.P. gives. The inequalities are increasing, corruption is spreading more and more - continua...


Tibet : Tibetan dies in self-immolation protest

A Tibetan man burned himself to death in the second self-immolation protest this month.Nei Kyab, believed to be in his 50s, set himself ablaze on April 15 in the courtyard of his home in Soruma village, Choejema town, in Ngaba county.Kyab, also called Damkar, an ex-monk of the Adue Yak monastery was protesting against Chinese policies in Tibet.His body was taken away by police.

China calls on Dalai Lama to "put aside illusions" about talks

China on Wednesday urged the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, to "put aside his illusions" about talks on Tibet's future.In a lengthy white paper released by the official Xinhua news agency, the government said that having failed to use violence to achieve their goals, the Dalai Lama and his supporters had little understanding of modern Tibet and "a sentimental attachment to the old theocratic feudal serfdom".
"The only sensible alternative is for the Dalai Lama and his supporters to accept that Tibet has been part of China since antiquity" it said.

Tibet : Tibetan protester missing

A Tibetan man has gone missing after being visited by local officials, presumably in connection with his role in protesting the seizure five years ago of community property by Chinese authorities.Jigje Kyab, a resident of Thangkor town in Dzoege county, vanished April 13 after a team of county officials and employees came to his house in the morning.When neighbors came to check on him in the afternoon, he was found to be missing from the area.Jigje, 39 and also known as Jigme, had been the custodian of documents supporting Tibetan claims to property seized five years ago in a land-grab by Chin

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